Plurimandrino cnc Tornos Multideco 20/6 del 2001 con caricatore MSF



Bar passage through the spindle (with MSF) 4-20 (24) mm
Max. part length 100 mm
Max. spindle speed 6000 rpm
Max. spindle power 11 kW
Max. spindles torque 70 Nm
Max. drilling, tapping power 2,2 kW
Number of numerical axes 18
Spindle stopping Yes
C-axis in position 4, 5 Max. 2
Spindles cooling Yes
Cross slide (X, Z position 1 to 5) 6
Cut off slide (X6) 1
Counter operation slide (X7) 1
End working (Z21-Z25) 5
Counter spindle with c-axis (Z26) 1
Max. counter spindle speed 8000 rpm
Max. counter spindle motor power 1,1 kW
PNC-DECO numerical control FANUC 16iTB
Barrel lock Hirth teeth
Integrated barfeeder MSF 522 / 6
Capacity 5-22 (24) mm
Loading of hexagon bars Yes
Position 1 Cross slide X1, Z11
End working Z21
Position 2 Cross slide X2, Z12
End working Z22
Position 3 Cross slide X3, Z13
End working Z23
Position 4 Cross slide X4, Z14
End working Z24
Position 5 Cross slide X5, Z15
End working Z25
Position 6 Cutting slide X6
Counter operation slide X7
End working (counter spindle) Z26
Main spindle S1
Drilling S2


Codice 00092 aidvd